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INKA BB’s network partners aim to promote sustainable land and water use in the region in the context of changing climatic conditions. INKA BB also contributes to health management policy-making that adapts according to these changing conditions.

The particular strength of INKA BB is its close collaboration between scientists and practitioners. Innovative adaptation strategies are developed and applied by stakeholders from agriculture and forestry, civil associations, public authorities and public institutions.

INKA BB regards itself as a dynamic organisation that actively shapes change and that, acting as a role model and partner, intends to initiate and encourage learning and adaptation processes. Guiding principles for network partners are their shared set of objectives and principles of cooperation, transparency and an experimental, open-minded approach to strategic development.


The development of climate change adaptation strategies is the overriding objective pursued by all of the partners involved in the network. Strategies are fundamental decisions that provide direction to an organisation in the medium to long term. They also steer decision-making processes and the use of resources.

In INKA BB, the transdisciplinary development, testing and assessment of climate change adaptation innovations provides the basis for participating stakeholders to develop adaptation strategies. The specific steps in the process from innovation testing to coordinated strategic development are methodologically supported and flanked by socio-scientific, action-oriented research.