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MODAM - the Model

MODAM is a bio-economic modelling system that functions as Multi-Objective Decision support tool for Agro-ecosystem Management.

It simulates farmers´ decision behaviour under the assumption of pure economic rationality. The model is a static, mixed integer, linear programming model, which was developed to evaluate policy effects on the decision behaviour of farmers and on the corresponding environmental effects of the farmer chosen farm management practices. The tool allows to calculate scenarios for different goal attainment levels (so called goal driven scenarios) as well as the computation of scenarios of different policy instruments (policy driven scenarios).

MODAM consists of a set of hierarchically linked modules, which can be divided up into three levels:

  1. Descriptive data Collection
  2. Partial Economic and Ecological Impact analyses
  3. Integrated farm level analyses







MODAM generates results in two kinds of form: trade-off functions between different environmental and economic goals and land use maps.

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