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Theme 3

Climate change: Farming system approaches to mitigation and adaption

Climate change impacts agriculture differently: not only does the impact depend on the region under consideration; it also depends on the farming system. However, agriculture everywhere is being scrutinized and increasingly faces societal demand to reduce its emission of greenhouse gases.

System changes based on technological, biological and social innovations are needed to increase the sustainability of land use, to reduce the risks faced by farmers, and to strengthen farm resilience. Mitigation and Adaptation strategies are to be developed on farm, regional and landscape levels of decision making.

Reflexive models for communication and social interaction and systemic concepts for organizational development and new institutional processes at both farm and knowledge system level seem necessary to strengthen the ability to generate the innovations needed. Especial attention may be given to (i) soil and land use systems, (ii) grazing cattle and grassland managements, and (iii) to extension and knowledge management issues.

In theme 3 the following workshops will be held.

Workshop 3.1
Soil management: facilitating on-farm mitigation and adaptation
Workshop 3.2
Agroforestry research and practice in Europe
Workshop 3.3
Designing Cropping Systems for Adaptation to Climate Change


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