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Theme 2

Feeding the future with sustainable agro-food systems: Alternative production, distribution and consumption views and approaches

The unsustainability of the current agro-food systems is a major concern. These systems have contributed to climate change, produce greenhouse gases and other pollutants, are largely dependent on fossil energy, are a major consumer of drinking water, have led to loss of arable land and fertility, have caused erosion of biodiversity, have produced health risks, have generated social and territorial disparities, and have led to unequal availability of food.

Alternative views and approaches to sustainable agro-food systems and food chains have been developed and are being experimented within Europe and elsewhere.

In theme 2 the following workshops will be held:

Workshop 2.1
Healthy growth in value-based chains: From niche to volume with integrity and trust
Workshop 2.2
Transition Issues in Production, Marketing and Consumption for the Agro-Ecological Development of Animal Production
Workshop 2.3
Sustainable intensification for improved food security: are the challenges the same in Africa, Asia and Europe?
Workshop 2.4
The Role of Localised Agrifood Systems in a Globalised Europe
Workshop 2.5
Achieving co-benefits for sustainability and health through alternative agro-food systems
Workshop 2.6
Integrative and interdisciplinary approaches to the ecologisation of agrifood systems
Workshop 2.7
Sustainability of Dairy Farms - Concepts, Measurements and Empirical Results
Workshop 2.8
Farming the cities: exploring the role of agriculture and food in enabling sustainable urban food systems
Workshop 2.9
Greening the CAP
Workshop 2.10
They eat horses don't they?
Workshop 2.11
Larger fields, faster tractors, GPS, milk robots, automated egg production, …
Does this type of agricultural change contribute to lasting prosperity and resilience?


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