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Workshop 2.2

Transition Issues in Production, Marketing and Consumption for the Agro-Ecological Development of Animal Production


Yolanda Mena Guerrero, Profesora del Área de Producción Animal del Departamento de Agroforestales de la Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Francisco de Asís Ruiz Morales, Àrea de Economía y Sociología Agrarias, Instituto Andaluz de Investigación y Formación Agraria (IFAPA), Junta de Andalucía, Spain
Jean-Paul Dubeuf, INRA LRDE, F-20150 Corte

If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please turn directly to the convenors by sending an email.


To identify how transitions have been implemented in Animal production, marketing and consumption to enhance their sustainability through agro –ecological processes. To prioritize the most relevant factors at economical, social and environmental levels. To identify conditions, limitations and obstacles to organize the implementation of these transitions.


General introduction based on theoretical approaches about agro – ecology in Animal Production , Question session Presentation of 10 empirical cases and poster session round table 1 : feedback on these cases ; in which there are agro –ecological round table 2 : conditions limitations, technical or institutional obstacles to implement these technics This is a short description due to the dead line; the partnership and content could be strenghtened later. Collaborations with other similar workshop proposals could be possible

Workshop process

About 10 oral presentations will be selected from the several animal production sectors and completed by a poster section. A previous expertise to identify the most relevant experiences and methodologies will be done by contacting a panel of scientists and experts. The workshop will give a large place to empirical studies but the debates will mobilize conceptual aspects. Two round tables will be held.

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