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Welcome to INKA BB

Berlin-Brandenburg, with its abundance of water bodies and yet water shortages: a model region for demonstrating how to cope with aridity.

Drought damage on arable land near Wilmersdorf (Uckermark), photo R. Bloch, ZALF

INKA BB - the Innovation Network of Climate Change Adaptation Brandenburg Berlin – is a network of scientists and practitioners who, by working together, aim to meet the challenges brought about by climate change.

Despite the Brandenburg/Berlin region being characterised by a large number of lakes and rivers, it is regarded as an area with low levels of precipitation. This is compounded by the fact that its soil is predominantly sandy and has only a low water storage capacity. These natural conditions make the region vulnerable to the expected impacts of climate change. For this reason, the key topics addressed by INKA BB are land and water use, as well as health management issues.

We invite you to explore the topics we cover and our areas of activity according to your interests. Go on your own expedition around our website! We appreciate your interest and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.