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INKA BB Presentation in Brussels

In Brandenburg, innovation pathways for rural areas are being developed that aim to integrate productivity increases with sustainable agricultural land use. With a specific focus on adaptation to climate change; scientists, practitioners and corporate actors cooperate in operational groups on land use and water management issues  on field, farm and regional level.

With regard to the topical challenges for the development programs in rural areas of EU-27, INKA BB can serve as an example for how and with what results, multiple stakeholder science-practice innovation partnerships enhance rural innovation and regional strategy development.

During the ‘INKA BB Afternoon Reception’ in the Representation of the Land Brandenburg to the EU in Brussels on June 6, 2012 outstanding findings and results were highlighted and reviewed in discussions.

Please find here the presentations of the afternoon reception:

The European Context: EIP – Concepts for Innovations in Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability
Christiane Kirketerp de Viron, DG AGRI

The Regional Context: Brandenburg’s Strategy for Sustainability in Rural Areas
Prof. Hubert Wiggering, ZALF / Prof. Reiner Brunsch, ATB

Innovation Partnerships – Preconditions and Determinants of Success for Rural Innovation Networks: Lessons learnt from INKA BB
Dr. Andrea Knierim / Dr. Verena Toussaint, ZALF

Agricultural Innovations for Climate Change Adaptation
Wolfgang Scherfke, LBV Brandenburg / Dr. Hans Bachinger, ZALF